Market Environment

The Cleantech sectors are searching for solutions for scarce natural resources and to increase efficiencies

The supply of reliable and safe energy is one of the mega trends that our and
future generations are facing
  • Increasing energy demand
  • Negative climate impact of fossil fuels
Due to these irreversible drivers, the Cleantech sector plays a key role in
addressing future challenges
  • Environmentally friendly power generation and supply
  • Energy efficiency
  • Sensible use of scarce natural resources
Germany is at the heart of the Cleantech sector
  • Mechanical and electrical engineering are key industries in Germany; they form the basis for the Cleantech sector, its products and services
  • Public and government funds for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects support the promotion of new technologies
  • German Mittelstand companies combine high innovation with expertise and flexibility
Financing requirements of Cleantech companies are often not met by investors and banks
  • Increasingly restrictive lending practices by banks
  • Cleantech investments often too large for venture capital
  • Later stage private equity not always interested in Cleantech sector due to early phase of some technologies
Attractive investment opportunities in the Cleantech sector
  • High growth opportunities
  • Low level of competition
  • Government funds help to support Cleantech technologies